Who is this White Girl? Simply put Portuguese, who lived a little all over the world and loves to cook and not wasting anything.

The long description is a Mother, a Wife and by-day a marketer and designer. Nevertheless even with a crazy schedule, taking the daughters to their multiple activities, still finds time to prepare home-cooked meals for dinner. Afterall that is the only time of the day we all have together.

I enjoy taking photos (even though I am the worse photographer in this planet) of all I cook and love to see friends’ reactions on facebook. We eat just about anything. Nothing goes to waste. Especially in an animal, so yes we will eat pig’s feet, chicken feet, fish heads, well you get the idea. To most it grosses them out. To us, it is a delicacy.

Some wonder how my daughters eat all these “weird” things. I tell them, they grew up eating it, love it and, well they do not have a choice!

More often than not, since arriving in the States people consider my food similar to Soul Food. I waste not and I eat everything.


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