Brand new food blog

Some of you know me from… being my friends, family and so on. Others were following me while I was writing on FoodIdeas. I decided to shift ideas, thoughts and start a brand new site instead. Something was simply not feeling right. It became a forced chore instead of enjoying writing and posting my recipes. So here you will find who I truly am as a person and a cook.

I am far from a professional cook, but have always loved cooking from an early age. My parents were diplomats so our lives resembled one of gypsies always moving around every couple of years. Or you can also compare to military brats. Hated my life as a kid, making new friends every two years, but now I do appreciate the person it made me.

I was also lucky to have started to experiment with all types of foods and ingredients from an early age. During the summers we would always go back to Portugal and would spend at least a week at my GrandMother’s house. She was a fantastic cook. And I mean FANTASTIC. She would make the most amazing meals out of almost nothing, yet they were savory, delicate and beautiful. She would not waste. Not a bit. And I follow her motto.

Vegetables starting to fade? Time for a soup or some broth! The animal has feet? Enjoy them! A head? Ohh perfect addition of flavor to the plate. Everything and anything is used. All parts you can imagine from flora or fauna.

So here you will find a collection of recipes I grew up with, make up last minute or recipes I test for an amazing website called Leite’s Culinaria. Often you may enjoy what you will read, yet I am sure a few times you will be wondering what am I thinking. Am I really going to cook and eat that? Most importantly I hope to show how nothing is wasted in the kitchen and in the midst of it everything IS gluten-free as I now have to follow its guidelines.

So what about the name of this blog? What made me choose White Girl’s Soul Food was because often enough people have compared my cooking with soul food. When living in Memphis a few African Americans were shocked that this white girl knew something about a good beans and pigs feet stew, or lentils and oxtail. Even better, I love cooking with lots of spices!

Oh, and before I forget… do not expect great photography as I have no fancy camera. Most are from my cell and sometimes from my cheapo camera!

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